Standing Seam Roofing


Thanks to their durability, versatility, and light environmental footprint, standing seam metal roofs are becoming more and more popular across South Carolina. Stanick Sheet Metal & Roofing is proud to be an expert in this kind of roofing. Our roofing contractors have completed roof repairs and new installations for historic houses, courthouses, and many other buildings. In fact, we specialize in churches and church steeples.

Learn more about the many types of standing seam roofing we offer, our particular specialties, and our references below. Then, when you’re ready, contact us for more information and to start your standing seam roof project.


We are proud to offer a wide variety of standing seam roofs! Please contact us to learn more about any of the following roofs and how they might work for your home or business:

  • Copper Standing Seam and Radius Copper Standing Seam Roofs 
    • Using 16 oz. copper
    • Nails and flashings are always copper on copper roofs
  • Slate and Synthetic Slate Roofs
    • Available in approximately 25 colors
  • Double Lock Standing Seam Roofs
    • Fabrication & installation

Roofing Contractor Columbia, SC


When it comes to standing seam metal roofs, our roofing contractors don’t merely install the roof. We can fabricate the roof, flashing, and a wide range of roofing accessories. We specialize in creating and installing all of the following:

  • Hidden and inline gutter systems
  • Straight or radius guttering with Computerized RAS TurboBend
  • Fabrication of any type, size, or shape roof dormer (i.e. copper, painted 500 Kynar aluminum and any type louver requested)
  • Installation of new exhaust fan systems for removing or drawing in air
  • All sizes and shapes of duct work (i.e. S-locks, drive connections, etc.)

  • Welded pipe from galvanized to stainless
  • Any size or shape fittings or transitions for ducts
  • Fabrication and installation of any type of roof flashing, wall capping, gravel stop, wall flashing, step flashing, crickets to divert water, and overflow scuppers
  • Fabrication and installation of any type conductor head with downspouts
  • Fabrication of any size and/or shape gutters, downspouts and cupolas


Our roofing contractors have been proud to complete standing seam roof maintenance, repairs, and installations for a number of businesses, churches, and other organizations in the Columbia, SC area. We have completed successful repairs for all of the following companies and organizations:

  • Bethel United Methodist Church
  • Chester ARP Church
  • Hanson House
  • Lace House
  • Past Time Pavilion
  • Patterson Fan

  • Roger Wynn House
  • Seibels House
  • Ted Deary House
  • Thompson Funeral Home
  • The South Carolina State House 
  • The Robert Mills House

To learn more about our standing seam roofing capabilities and past jobs, please contact Todd Iriel, our Metal Specialist. You can call him directly at (803) 600-4684 or contact our company for more information.

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